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My aim is to photograph all species of Australian birds ...

About Twitchers Corner & Who I am.

right_image_logoMy name is Keith Hindley and I retired from work a few years ago and decided I needed something to keep me occupied and energised.

Twitchers Corner is that something, my aim is to try and photograph all species of Australian birds .. an approximate total of around 780 which I am uploading to this website and you can view for free under Twitchers Gallery.

I have always been interested in Photography from childhood and also as a young boy I used to enjoy bird watching, so I decided to put the two together and splashed out on a new camera.

What I Do

I leave on the 13th May 2016 for a trip up to see the Dig Tree near Innamincka in South Australia. This is where two of Australia’s most famous explorers perished.

The party they had left to wait for them had just left that very day and had left food dug in the ground near the Dig Tree. But Bourke & Wills arrived just a few hours after the camp party had left.

They also refused help from the local Aboriginals who could have saved them as there was plenty of Bush Tucker in the area. They where destined to die from the start as it was all planned in a very bad way.

This area is very remote and harried land just right for the Grey Falcon. Yes I am still trying to get a photo of this illusive bird of prey. Along the way which will be around a 6,000 Kilometer trip I will be birding in a number of areas and hope to add some new photos for your perusal. I will be away for approximately 2 weeks.

I hope you are all in good health and ready for a new adventure.


Keith IGGIE Hindley



Examples of Our Work

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