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My aim is to photograph all species of Australian birds ...

About Twitchers Corner & Who I am.

right_image_logoMy name is Keith Hindley and I retired from work a few years ago and decided I needed something to keep me occupied and energised.

Twitchers Corner is that something, my aim is to try and photograph all species of Australian birds .. an approximate total of around 780 which I am uploading to this website and you can view for free under Twitchers Gallery.

I have always been interested in Photography from childhood and also as a young boy I used to enjoy bird watching, so I decided to put the two together and splashed out on a new camera.

What I Do

My trip to the Dig Tree near Innamincka was a disappointment as the area had had its first rain in 4 years and created a lot of track closures and at times I had to make my own tracks to be able to get through. My next trip is in 3 weeks 23rd July 2016 and I will hire a 4 wheel drive in Melbourne and head up the east coast of Australia passing through Victoria, Australian Capital Territory Canberra, New South Wales and Queensland and ending in far north Queensland called at Palm Cove. I will take 6 weeks for this trip and at the end I will leave the 4 wheel drive with the hire company in Cairns and then Fly home  back to Melbourne returning on the 2nd September 2016. My traveling partner will be Diane who is Marion’s sister my lady who passed away back in 2014.

I encourage all of you to get out into your own outback and enjoy the nature that lives all around us but sometimes never seen until you start to look.



Keith (IGGIE) Hindley




Examples of Our Work

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